Entry #17

Some days are filled with excitement, painting, colours, creativity, loud music, exhilaration.

Then there are the days of grudging work, finishing, resin coating, attaching backings and wires, packaging pieces, signing the backs and composing titles, liaising with galleries as to their choice of work, driving all over town and purchasing packaging materials, ordering new panels, picking up the new panels some days later, wearing the secretary hat.


And that is what I have been doing for the past week. Today and in the next couple of days, I'm packaging work that will be shipped to Whistler Village Art Gallery. Taxing physical work, but also important in the process of letting go the work that I have lived and breathed for the past months. 

Entry #15

Alice Vander Vennen, a fellow mixed media artist soul-friend of mine had her opening at Petroff Gallery, south location this past Thursday. I went to connect. Drinking in the creative spirit. 

Talking. Looking. Observing.   

Alice and I connected some years ago because she too used small rocks in her work. All white it was back then, the work. A feeling of fleeting, ephemeral thoughts. 

Now, she is grounded, 
in earthly solidity. 

Like her spirit.




Entry #14

Working on the weekend with brush in hand means more completed works.

Getting ready to let the galleries choose their pieces.

A few pieces are taking their time. Letting me ponder them.

Their details emerging. Making me think of counting moments, hearing a clock ticking, comforting, knowing passing.

48" x 48" boat detail

48" x 48" boat detail
24" x 48" boat, detail of a large tree, the largest I have created to date.

Entry #13

A large tree. Grounded. Protective. Wooden.

in process on a 24" x 48" piece

in the background maps used by avid hikers on many trips to Algonquin Park, looking at exactly such trees. Majestic. Strong. Beautiful. Yet also fragile. Boats made from wood. Part of our Canadian History. Branches entwined like the arteries of river sand lakes, hiking paths, the nerves in our bodies. 


Entry #12

Ever wonder what the artist wears on her feet? Old shoes that have seen the creation of all works for the past 6 years. Slipping these on is like stepping into creation. Welcoming me to the studio.

A piece that I have grown particularly fond of in the past days:

24" x 48"

A detail.

This is how new ideas start:
An idea for another boat piece. One that also features maps of Algonquin Park. After working the sketch in charcoal, I now start using different methods of painting them before. Many, many times. Enough times in fact until they become symbolic and are not longer trying to be just fern. 

While I work them over and over again, it becomes clear to me in what way they are symbolic. What attracted me to the fern was the way they unfurl, how they are so tightly rolled up and tender when young, then unfurl and spread out. Take up space. 

Tentative thoughts these are, to be shaped as I work.

Entry #11

24" x 36" is a great size. It fits into many spaces. It is not a small piece, yet it is also not a large piece. This one came together with flow. The boat at the bottom floating gently in the water. 


A detail: 
French knots embroidered. Random stitching. Holding together layers, finding meaning with what has been and what is. Connecting. Mending. Assembling. Layering. Past. Present. Now.

It will become encased in resin. Unchangeable. Fixed. Past.


Entry #9

Completion (the other way)

Looking at the panel
the details

the work talking
forcing me

showing me 
the right 


Dots and brush strokes

Ideas flowing
Hours flying by

sitting down
to rest
too excited 
to sit still
working in a flurry

it comes together

a signature put
at the bottom

11" x 14"
11" x 14"

Entry #8

The details of completion.

it might


it is 
at times

not. at. all. that.

I sit and stare
I stand and stare
I turn away and stare inward
I look at some gone before
I still find not the magic 
I do not look
I sit and knit
I talk on the phone
I stare out the window
I pick paint drops off the plastic on the table
I eat my lunch at 10 am
I make another coffee
I look at books
I nap
I feel bad
I question
I stand and stare
I sit and stare
I watch the clock pass time
I worry that it will never come
I question


it hits me 
the piece 
in my language
telling me what I need to hear

I pick up the right brush
I know which colour to use
I feel it
I do it
I look at it




I leave when I must and I feel that yes! it. is. possible. I. can. do. it.