Canvas Gallery – new work available

Canvas Gallery, my longest standing gallery has just received 4 new pieces from me. They wrote a lovely post on their blog about it. Here are the images a bit larger:

Aspire: 11" x 48"


Canvas 72x26-EtherealSpheres_72x26
"Ethereal Spheres"  size: 26" x 72"

"Source 1"  30" x 30"

"Source 2"  30" x30"

Source 1 & 2 can be combined into a diptych that can be displayed in different ways. I regard the viewer as the final component in the creation of my work, and I have been striving to create work that allows the viewer to partake in this process through a choice in displaying the work. My abstracts provide very different emotional responses depending on the direction that they are hung. They can also be changed around and provide an interactive play between the viewer and the piece. 





Post #42


most of the works



            out in the world

travelers, seekers

            finders of their permanent 



The viewer, the purchaser

            the final piece

of completion in the 


                        of creating


Their thoughts 


to my feelings 


changing my intent

                enhancing it

                distorting it



Their thoughts 

            are what matters



Their thoughts

            their reaction

will make my seekers

                    be loved, accepted, wanted, acquired


To enable me to keep 

my living

                        my creating 

            in the flow.

When the end is here

            for me

                    some day


                    my pieces will continue

        to be

                    alive. here. bringing joy. existing. loved.


24" x 24" Textures of our Memories

30" x 30" Cultivated Strenght


8" x 8" Thursday is Washday


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Fall of Giants (I did not like this the way I liked Pillars of the Earth),

The Dark River

The Golden City