Post #28

In 2009, there was some playing at the studio



Old photographs, reworked with sandpaper, paints, fun, process. Inspiration for new direction of work, or simply having fun and nothing creatively is ever wasted. Everything leads to something. What–time will tell-or show-or sneakily insert into other pieces…. stay on your toes, you do not know what you might see.

Post #27


Walk a year in my shoes…

you will create paintings

you will cry tears about missed times 

    where you will not create

    because you do NOT hold the time in your hands

    you do not have the time

    your hands do not work when you have



    they are painful

    so no matter you feel 


    you can not hold a brush in

those precious, rough, sandpaper like 


Walk a year in my shoes…

you will hold your family dear

    cry with love for them

you will get paints on your hands

    and can't get it off before you leave

so people will think it is blood

    the blood of creation

Walk a year in my shoes 

you will just have spent a year 




you will have gotten married

learned to sew french seams

    in cream silk

felt low about the little time your day has

    for you to spend at the studio

yet you will also have come to realize


important is

    that the fast fleeting years you have with 

    your son so young 

    will be gone

    too soon

so now is the time to worry less

    steal time when you can 

    and treasure and be 


because, oh, so handsome he is