Post #39

Here we are

    not quite whole

but healing

        finding deeper inspiration

and sillyness


                                    never stop



Can't get the cast wet, can't wear gloves to not make it sweat, need to keep it on for at least another 2 weeks.

It happened when I was spring cleaning the studio. A heavy table top, too heavy for me to lift, fell onto the finger. I heard the most awful sound of the bone being fractured. 

Finding some other ways to be creative. Yesterday:


Today: going to the ROM. Sketching. Wandering on my schedule, not Huxley's.

Tomorrow: Back to the studio, working on details:



Listening to: Sins of our Fathers, Stones into Schools, Angels and Demons (2nd Time around and still fun), Swiss-German-Austrian-drinking songs… (but no Bier to go with it).