Post #41

if you would

today, tonight, tomorrow

sneak into 

        the space of my


you would see

            a series of work

in progress

                            waiting… for



being readied to enter

                    into the world.


Diptych – 30"x30"




Blue Diptych 2 x 24" x24"

Red Triptych 3 x 24" x 24"



Red Triptych 3 x 26" x 26"



Red Triptych 30" x 30"




Series of little abstracts each 8" x 8"




Series of Figurative 8" x 8" pieces.


There is more, to be shown in the days ahead.


I-pod – my old one died, after 6 years and a few repairs. Now I have a new I pod Nano. Metallic pink – for the girly-girl in me that is always hidden. Listening to: Susan Howatch – Absolute Truths. On Tape: Music from 1985 – more youth.



post #40

life is


the paint bottles got opened today

    a way was found

for protecting

        the cast on the

fractured finger

                    new details, a new way of using     

something new

            never bevor was it used

but there is potential


details of another sort




yet always, first there is hesitation

            then knowing, trusting, doing



another way 

        to show detail

by showing

            a detail of life

a moment

            of my life


                                so many others

neve really 




8"x8" in total size with all the other parts of the piece.


and another design 

to make myself

            feel better!



Listening to: Sins of our Fathers.

Post #36



        so much

New palett colours slipping out    

    of my hands

        my head

            my mind

                        my soul

Not yet ready

            to be show to

    you and

                        the world.

keeping it close to 

    me and only showing to a selected few

But here for you…


                again that now

    are now not total beginnings any more

    but becoming


                        of my soul






Experimenting to grow

    to learn

            to make richer

layers of life

            surfaces to go above

        and below



Reading and 



                            the connection of 




These past weeks listening to: Einstein: His Life and Universe and The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

Post #35

There has been 

doing at the studio

    doing with paint

    doing with creativity

    doing with wool

wool to keep the flow

the way one strand of yarn

flows around in circles

circles of my thoughts





    spur of the moment

    collecting elements

letting them find their place

to make happy a very special somebody

that in turn is giving a precious something



going fishing for "remembering fishing with dad"  

    my dad only fished

as a young man


and a nest with baby hair

    und eggs

beginning more

for the family that the baby lives with

    that contributed its hair

because he is the first of more


flower in colours

    so sweet and

different for me

in love

    I am with it and 

much more will come   

Post #32

There are some other new pieces underway at the studio, inspired by this piece:


The new poses where inspired by my own dancing, I had the exact poses in mind, but needed a model to act them out for me. My son and husband took the shots, I then sketched from the photographs. It's lovely to get exactly what I am looking for. 



There will be a series of pieces in various sizes, but related, as the one piece was very well received. This work does not contain the resin finish my other work has.  

In the coming week the pieces will be coloured and de-waxed. The panels are already prepared with laminations of old 100 year old dictionary pages. Working on the dancers, they "told" me that they are wisdom dancers. 

Love it when that happens, the characters telling me what they are called… because

on my own, I could never come up with their names.

There is also work on commissions going on right now and a pick-up of a substantial order of panels is scheduled for tomorrow. In September my son will enter Grade 1, and after his initial settling in period this will mean a return for me to a full-time painting career. 

Some new galleries are carrying my work as well:

Galerie d’Art Michel Bigué/Galerie Art Québécois

Terrence Robert Gallery in Ottawa

All arranged through my lovely agent Chantal Beauchamp, Imagin'Art. There are some other galleries in the works as well in Quebec, this is very exciting to me. I just wished I could ad some french to my blog, alas, it is not possible at this point.

Post #31


winter to spring

materials through creativity

and technical input




images made on the papers with no idea yet how to proceed, just taking them in, observing

Setting up and sorting through collage elements, some of these have been around for a while. Every time I create the images on paper I also play and create freely, using my personal symbols and background textures. 


After creating a background on a wooden panel, I start laying out the images and let them speak to me.


Background painted, images laid out, title ready


"Memories of Fishing with Dad". 

Background painted, images laid out, title ready.

Next steps are to stitch the papers together, laminate them to the panels, paint away. 

Final outcome: TBD, it is still in the ether, waiting to be found.


Post #29

It has been too long. 

A long time with much going on. 

too much to tell here.

but now

for you


works in progress, exciting, with heart, with passion. 

small pieces 8 inches by 8 inches. resin needs to be added to finish them.



Now too, a large canoe, inspired by bark canoes and Edwin Tappan Adney. He was born 100 years before me.. he hated artistic interpretations of the bark canoes, but here I am, creating them. Inspired by his meticulously created models. The painted one is very close in size to the models. 


not signed yet, not sure if it is finished, but loving it. Will get a resin finish, trapping the history inside. 

There are also abstracts in the works. but I will keep them to myself for a bit longer yet.



Entry #4

Details have been added to some of the boats. This is the stage where things slow down. A lot. Each piece of work is studied, reflected upon, pondered about. 

11" x 14" Boat. Needs signature and resin coating. Title.

24" x 24" piece. I added the dots just before leaving the studio. It will receive more attention tomorrow when I'm back at the studio. There are faint "pirate map" paths on the background. An element I like immensely.

Below, a sample of how the piece looks before painting the details.

24" x 24" boat piece. 
Added swimmers and under-painting of plants. 

Tomorrow I will finish this piece if it is ready for finishing. I let each tell me when it feels that it is finished.