Entry #24

The preparations for the show are going well. The new carpet has been ordered, the new business card bookmarks have been picked up, the hairdresser made me presentable, the sales sheets have been designed and all pieces photographed. I am deciding which works to bring to the show and how to hang them. 

Of course, there are always a million little things that still need attending too… 

"Blessing the Sacred Vessel" 48" x 36" to be viewed at the show
I hope to see you all there this weekend… if not in person, then in spirit…

Entry #23

Some pieces I do not want to part with. This is one of them.


Dancers  & Trees, 26" tall by 72" long.

I'm thinking it will be hung centre-stage at the art show in 10 days.

Entry #21

The beginning is not 

always about beauty


it is about trust 

of the cycle 


in the beauty 

that I can 

knowing intrinsically 

that my 
hands will be led
by my heart

Laying out the fabric of a new abstract work, looking beyond the obvious colours, only going after texture. A hard task with eyes that are trained to look for harmony in colour and composition. 
After the first layer of gesso, the success or failure of the textural elements is starting to show.

Entry #20


The other part of running an artist studio are the days when the work necessary deals with anything but putting a brush into the paint. It is on those days that I fondly look at my brushes and imagine the next colour I will put onto them.

Getting ready for a show has many of those days. 

So stay tuned and don't forget to be creative for me.