Entry #26

So I fell out of habit of posting, got lazy, lost the routine and now I hope to jump back on. The reasons are many, most of them certainly justified the lack of posts from me. Should I rattle them off? Probably not, however, let's just say that having your DH replace his computer system and needing to have yours is not conducive to posting. I can't blog without Photoshop, something I just got back now. 

So look at some images to recap these past weeks:

My booth at the Art Expo in March (with one of my booth neighbours)

About the average number of people passing by during the show (except the opening night which was packed with a large crowd. It was wonderful to see so many people that I know.

Detail with the flowers I bought for this year. I was delighted to find them (I have no idea what they are called, and neither did the florist). But the way they picked up the colours of my paintings was just wonderful).

My booth neighbour and fellow-Swiss compatriot Fung Sou
My favourite visitor (besides Huxley of course) my friend Tina with her son Henry. 

Currently I'm working on a large commission for a condominium reception area in downtown Toronto, as well as organizing my wedding for July 4th. There are also a wide variety of administrative changes I am making on running my professional practice (many of which will become evident later in the year). 

Postings will happen on a less regular basis, but still more frequently than for the past two months. Promise, cross my heart…. 

Thank you to everybody that is stopping by, came to visit me at the Art Expo and is leaving me feedback. 

I will participate in a one day show on June 20th, with an invitation to follow shortly. 

Entry #25

The show was quieter than usual, with the most noticed absence the young families with children and strollers. The visitors that did attend did not seem to be in the mood to spend time taking in the work, rather just cruising through the aisles. 

I loved my booth set-up and it was wonderful to see so many familiar faces on opening night and throughout the weekend. A big show lets me see and feel all the hugs (smile), that even though an artists' life can be rather solitary, there are a lot of people in my life. 

Thank you to everybody that stopped by to say hello. Lets stay in touch! On easy forum is by visiting me here and sharing your thoughts. 

Pictures will follow, as we're doing a mayor systems update right now.

Entry #24

The preparations for the show are going well. The new carpet has been ordered, the new business card bookmarks have been picked up, the hairdresser made me presentable, the sales sheets have been designed and all pieces photographed. I am deciding which works to bring to the show and how to hang them. 

Of course, there are always a million little things that still need attending too… 

"Blessing the Sacred Vessel" 48" x 36" to be viewed at the show
I hope to see you all there this weekend… if not in person, then in spirit…

Entry #23

Some pieces I do not want to part with. This is one of them.


Dancers  & Trees, 26" tall by 72" long.

I'm thinking it will be hung centre-stage at the art show in 10 days.

Entry #21

The beginning is not 

always about beauty


it is about trust 

of the cycle 


in the beauty 

that I can 

knowing intrinsically 

that my 
hands will be led
by my heart

Laying out the fabric of a new abstract work, looking beyond the obvious colours, only going after texture. A hard task with eyes that are trained to look for harmony in colour and composition. 
After the first layer of gesso, the success or failure of the textural elements is starting to show.

Entry #20


The other part of running an artist studio are the days when the work necessary deals with anything but putting a brush into the paint. It is on those days that I fondly look at my brushes and imagine the next colour I will put onto them.

Getting ready for a show has many of those days. 

So stay tuned and don't forget to be creative for me.

Entry #19

A large vessel four feet by four feet. 


Completed in 2006, currently at the studio so that I can bring her to the the show in March.

The beginning



Panels 6" x6" and 8" x 8" for a new series of work. 

Separate, a different line of thought.