Entry #12

Ever wonder what the artist wears on her feet? Old shoes that have seen the creation of all works for the past 6 years. Slipping these on is like stepping into creation. Welcoming me to the studio.

A piece that I have grown particularly fond of in the past days:

24" x 48"

A detail.

This is how new ideas start:
An idea for another boat piece. One that also features maps of Algonquin Park. After working the sketch in charcoal, I now start using different methods of painting them before. Many, many times. Enough times in fact until they become symbolic and are not longer trying to be just fern. 

While I work them over and over again, it becomes clear to me in what way they are symbolic. What attracted me to the fern was the way they unfurl, how they are so tightly rolled up and tender when young, then unfurl and spread out. Take up space. 

Tentative thoughts these are, to be shaped as I work.