Post #31


winter to spring

materials through creativity

and technical input




images made on the papers with no idea yet how to proceed, just taking them in, observing

Setting up and sorting through collage elements, some of these have been around for a while. Every time I create the images on paper I also play and create freely, using my personal symbols and background textures. 


After creating a background on a wooden panel, I start laying out the images and let them speak to me.


Background painted, images laid out, title ready


"Memories of Fishing with Dad". 

Background painted, images laid out, title ready.

Next steps are to stitch the papers together, laminate them to the panels, paint away. 

Final outcome: TBD, it is still in the ether, waiting to be found.


Post #29

It has been too long. 

A long time with much going on. 

too much to tell here.

but now

for you


works in progress, exciting, with heart, with passion. 

small pieces 8 inches by 8 inches. resin needs to be added to finish them.



Now too, a large canoe, inspired by bark canoes and Edwin Tappan Adney. He was born 100 years before me.. he hated artistic interpretations of the bark canoes, but here I am, creating them. Inspired by his meticulously created models. The painted one is very close in size to the models. 


not signed yet, not sure if it is finished, but loving it. Will get a resin finish, trapping the history inside. 

There are also abstracts in the works. but I will keep them to myself for a bit longer yet.