Monika Aebischer is a symbolist artist.
She creates symbols of universal humanity.

Monika Aebischer leads us through the layers of her awareness with thoughtful intent. Her work draws the viewer in to touch the surface to experience the textures of the hand-made textiles beneath the paint. Fields of colours evoke feelings, and the interaction of their shapes reflect the interaction of our subliminal relationship to them and with each other.


Textured, layered surfaces speak of the passage of time, transformation and survival. Found textiles, incorporating antique and vintage hand-made needlework, are mounted to wooden panels and painted with acrylic paints and mediums. Metal leaf is applied and colour fields painted on top. Small elements of metal foils are collaged onto the surface. Using hand worked textiles honours the unknown woman who gave a part of her life to create intricate, detailed and often delicate work with her hands. By incorporating these pieces into my mixed media paintings, value is placed back the lives of the unknown woman creator — to link my own work and life to our maternal ancestors.


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