Post #32

There are some other new pieces underway at the studio, inspired by this piece:


The new poses where inspired by my own dancing, I had the exact poses in mind, but needed a model to act them out for me. My son and husband took the shots, I then sketched from the photographs. It's lovely to get exactly what I am looking for. 



There will be a series of pieces in various sizes, but related, as the one piece was very well received. This work does not contain the resin finish my other work has.  

In the coming week the pieces will be coloured and de-waxed. The panels are already prepared with laminations of old 100 year old dictionary pages. Working on the dancers, they "told" me that they are wisdom dancers. 

Love it when that happens, the characters telling me what they are called… because

on my own, I could never come up with their names.

There is also work on commissions going on right now and a pick-up of a substantial order of panels is scheduled for tomorrow. In September my son will enter Grade 1, and after his initial settling in period this will mean a return for me to a full-time painting career. 

Some new galleries are carrying my work as well:

Galerie d’Art Michel Bigué/Galerie Art Québécois

Terrence Robert Gallery in Ottawa

All arranged through my lovely agent Chantal Beauchamp, Imagin'Art. There are some other galleries in the works as well in Quebec, this is very exciting to me. I just wished I could ad some french to my blog, alas, it is not possible at this point.