Post #33

There are another two new galleries that now carry my work:

Galerie D'Art Internationale in Quebec City 


Galerie d'Art Solange Lebel in Drummond, Quebec.

As promised, some of the finished paintings incorporating the elements in Post # 31


A new style of work, a whimsical feel, an altered return and yet a newly developed series of pieces. Another part of me laid bare to the world.    

Post #32

There are some other new pieces underway at the studio, inspired by this piece:


The new poses where inspired by my own dancing, I had the exact poses in mind, but needed a model to act them out for me. My son and husband took the shots, I then sketched from the photographs. It's lovely to get exactly what I am looking for. 



There will be a series of pieces in various sizes, but related, as the one piece was very well received. This work does not contain the resin finish my other work has.  

In the coming week the pieces will be coloured and de-waxed. The panels are already prepared with laminations of old 100 year old dictionary pages. Working on the dancers, they "told" me that they are wisdom dancers. 

Love it when that happens, the characters telling me what they are called… because

on my own, I could never come up with their names.

There is also work on commissions going on right now and a pick-up of a substantial order of panels is scheduled for tomorrow. In September my son will enter Grade 1, and after his initial settling in period this will mean a return for me to a full-time painting career. 

Some new galleries are carrying my work as well:

Galerie d’Art Michel Bigué/Galerie Art Québécois

Terrence Robert Gallery in Ottawa

All arranged through my lovely agent Chantal Beauchamp, Imagin'Art. There are some other galleries in the works as well in Quebec, this is very exciting to me. I just wished I could ad some french to my blog, alas, it is not possible at this point.

Post #31


winter to spring

materials through creativity

and technical input




images made on the papers with no idea yet how to proceed, just taking them in, observing

Setting up and sorting through collage elements, some of these have been around for a while. Every time I create the images on paper I also play and create freely, using my personal symbols and background textures. 


After creating a background on a wooden panel, I start laying out the images and let them speak to me.


Background painted, images laid out, title ready


"Memories of Fishing with Dad". 

Background painted, images laid out, title ready.

Next steps are to stitch the papers together, laminate them to the panels, paint away. 

Final outcome: TBD, it is still in the ether, waiting to be found.


Post #29

It has been too long. 

A long time with much going on. 

too much to tell here.

but now

for you


works in progress, exciting, with heart, with passion. 

small pieces 8 inches by 8 inches. resin needs to be added to finish them.



Now too, a large canoe, inspired by bark canoes and Edwin Tappan Adney. He was born 100 years before me.. he hated artistic interpretations of the bark canoes, but here I am, creating them. Inspired by his meticulously created models. The painted one is very close in size to the models. 


not signed yet, not sure if it is finished, but loving it. Will get a resin finish, trapping the history inside. 

There are also abstracts in the works. but I will keep them to myself for a bit longer yet.



Post #28

In 2009, there was some playing at the studio



Old photographs, reworked with sandpaper, paints, fun, process. Inspiration for new direction of work, or simply having fun and nothing creatively is ever wasted. Everything leads to something. What–time will tell-or show-or sneakily insert into other pieces…. stay on your toes, you do not know what you might see.

Post #27


Walk a year in my shoes…

you will create paintings

you will cry tears about missed times 

    where you will not create

    because you do NOT hold the time in your hands

    you do not have the time

    your hands do not work when you have



    they are painful

    so no matter you feel 


    you can not hold a brush in

those precious, rough, sandpaper like 


Walk a year in my shoes…

you will hold your family dear

    cry with love for them

you will get paints on your hands

    and can't get it off before you leave

so people will think it is blood

    the blood of creation

Walk a year in my shoes 

you will just have spent a year 




you will have gotten married

learned to sew french seams

    in cream silk

felt low about the little time your day has

    for you to spend at the studio

yet you will also have come to realize


important is

    that the fast fleeting years you have with 

    your son so young 

    will be gone

    too soon

so now is the time to worry less

    steal time when you can 

    and treasure and be 


because, oh, so handsome he is


Entry #26

So I fell out of habit of posting, got lazy, lost the routine and now I hope to jump back on. The reasons are many, most of them certainly justified the lack of posts from me. Should I rattle them off? Probably not, however, let's just say that having your DH replace his computer system and needing to have yours is not conducive to posting. I can't blog without Photoshop, something I just got back now. 

So look at some images to recap these past weeks:

My booth at the Art Expo in March (with one of my booth neighbours)

About the average number of people passing by during the show (except the opening night which was packed with a large crowd. It was wonderful to see so many people that I know.

Detail with the flowers I bought for this year. I was delighted to find them (I have no idea what they are called, and neither did the florist). But the way they picked up the colours of my paintings was just wonderful).

My booth neighbour and fellow-Swiss compatriot Fung Sou
My favourite visitor (besides Huxley of course) my friend Tina with her son Henry. 

Currently I'm working on a large commission for a condominium reception area in downtown Toronto, as well as organizing my wedding for July 4th. There are also a wide variety of administrative changes I am making on running my professional practice (many of which will become evident later in the year). 

Postings will happen on a less regular basis, but still more frequently than for the past two months. Promise, cross my heart…. 

Thank you to everybody that is stopping by, came to visit me at the Art Expo and is leaving me feedback. 

I will participate in a one day show on June 20th, with an invitation to follow shortly. 

Entry #25

The show was quieter than usual, with the most noticed absence the young families with children and strollers. The visitors that did attend did not seem to be in the mood to spend time taking in the work, rather just cruising through the aisles. 

I loved my booth set-up and it was wonderful to see so many familiar faces on opening night and throughout the weekend. A big show lets me see and feel all the hugs (smile), that even though an artists' life can be rather solitary, there are a lot of people in my life. 

Thank you to everybody that stopped by to say hello. Lets stay in touch! On easy forum is by visiting me here and sharing your thoughts. 

Pictures will follow, as we're doing a mayor systems update right now.