Entry #5

We have a severe cold alert for the 5th day in a row. I'm lucky, it doesn't bother me. It happens every winter, and my multitude of studio knitted scarves keep me warm. Besides, it is "absolutle" beautiful.

Here the studio window:


a sharper version:


A look at the wall of finished paintings:


This is work from the past 6 months. 

Entry #4

Details have been added to some of the boats. This is the stage where things slow down. A lot. Each piece of work is studied, reflected upon, pondered about. 

11" x 14" Boat. Needs signature and resin coating. Title.

24" x 24" piece. I added the dots just before leaving the studio. It will receive more attention tomorrow when I'm back at the studio. There are faint "pirate map" paths on the background. An element I like immensely.

Below, a sample of how the piece looks before painting the details.

24" x 24" boat piece. 
Added swimmers and under-painting of plants. 

Tomorrow I will finish this piece if it is ready for finishing. I let each tell me when it feels that it is finished. 

Entry #2

"Thoughtfull Intent" at The Magic Door Gallery will remain hung until the end of January. So far, 8 pieces have been sold, including the piece from the invitation. I am very excited about this. If you have the time and wish to go see the other pieces, please call the gallery to make an appointment. 

In February, all the other pieces will be distributed amongst my regular galleries. However, The Magic Door Gallery will keep a few pieces on display until their next show in the sprint time. 

Studio Snap January 12, 2009


Paper pods made back during my time at OCAD, in 1998 as samples for my thesis.
Today, I added the white to some of the boats and accomplished a number of administrative tasks. Tomorrow, the paint comes out to add the next layer to the series.